Reusing industrial heritage requires a specific approach. It is not enough to wait until something happens, it is important to take action. This will attract new users and owners who are proud, willing to invest and want to improve the site. To accomplish this the transformation must be of very high quality. REUSE knows how to establish a successful transformation project. There is no clear-cut and strict model, every project demands its own process. But at REUSE we know which steps this process requires.


What is available, what has been done until now, who is joining, what are the obstacles in the process? A good investigation forms the basis of every successful transformation project. It also takes the hardware (quality of the building, environmental pollution, ecological structure and other facts) and the software (social developments, social-demographic profiles, the potential possibilities of the site) into account.

REUSE gathers information and analyses it.


What are the possibilities? How do other (comparable) projects proceed? What are the sources for good ideas? Involving the right people and presenting the right places will inspire everybody. REUSE will take care of this in a straightforward manner and without time loss. If information is missing, it will be supplemented.

and opens up
the right sources
of inspiration


What will the blueprint look like? To what concept for the site does this lead? After the everything is still possible phase the information is translated into a vision, and subsequently the vision into a blueprint that outlines the boundary conditions. (As a consequence you will also know what you do not want). Finally the blueprint is translated into a strategy on how and where to begin.

REUSE devises the strategy that fits the vision


What do you want to show? Where and how do you bring people into contact with each other? After the investigation phase the next step is to open up the project and let people participate. By communicating your goals for the site you will attract the right target group. This is how many new ideas are born. Some of the potential tools that can be used in this phase are publications, exhibitions, visits to the site. Furthermore REUSE will select a balanced project team to fit the project and site.

Through communication REUSE opens up the transformation project


What are the possibilities within the outlined vision? Is it realistic, does it fit, will the right people be attracted? After the vision has been communicated it is time for experiments. In this phase the participants will find out if the conceived ideas work. The vision is fine-tuned into detail. This is a continuously ongoing phase.

REUSE ensures that the vision is fine - tuned after gained experiences


How do you attract distinguished companies to this project? How do you link the appropriate concepts to the correct site? REUSE acts as intermediary in these contacts. And will arrange the high-profile contractor or that creative hotspot you are intent on. REUSE organises the means and methods to find the right people, anybody and anything that fits your vision: whether these are websites, television programmes or events.

EEUSE brings the programme to the site

Management and operation

Which team of specialists will better the site? How do you establish a good management organisation? REUSE knows the people that are able to direct and manage different transformation processes. We are incessantly looking for new people who can step in in the course of the process. In this phase of the project it is essential to stick to the vision.

REUSE knows how to realise an efficient management organisation.


How do you acquire solid financing? A project can only succeed if it is financially feasible. REUSE is investigating new methods that facilitate financing. We are constantly on the look-out for cases that prove that financing can be sound and simple.

REUSE facilitates project financing

Network organisation

REUSE is a network organisation. Operating as a private limited company, REUSE aims to be at the core of an international network of people and projects. In practically all of its projects REUSE will utilize the people in this network. By working with REUSE the client will be connected to an international network of professionals.